Diplo has come to me after my first Master in European Studies. It has been a great experience, starting from the Conference in Malta (2003), the after-conference Course, with all sessions included, the excellent guest speakers, the discussions during the stay in Malta and online trainings and research. I will never forget simulation cases and the situations, where we learned about negotiation process and decision making in “time sensitive” situations and not only. I have used that knowledge and learning in my experiences after the Course, always referring to and being thankful to the Diplo.
I can say without exaggeration, that Diplo has given shape to my capacity and experience in international relations and diplomacy, it has been a motivation and encouragement for my work. The Course has enriched significantly my knowledge in this field, it has sharpened my thinking and understanding about diplomacy and the way it works, This knowledge is still actual, in a time when the principles of the new world order have not been re-defined yet.
The network established during the conference of 2003 in Malta and during the whole Course, has been another asset I am grateful to the Diplo. This professional network still works, in sharing, exchanging, informing and supporting each other, in case it is needed. We keep cooperating with colleagues worldwide, “producing” interesting results, such as my writtings in Diplomat Magazine, with Director Mrs. Mayelinne de Lara, another Alumny of Diplo.
As such, I am very honored to be invited to participate in the 15th Anniversary celebrations, to re-meet friends and colleagues, refresh memories, knowledge and understanding about Diplomacy and its future.

Zemaida Kastrati Mozali, PhD
Senior Expert, EU & International Relations
Lecturer, UAMD, Albania

Zemaida Mozali