“Diplomacy course gave me speed….” This is an expression of my appreciation to Diplo Foundation for given me the scholarship that enabled me to be a part of the 2016 cohort on Education Diplomacy on line course offered in collaboration with ACEI as they celebrate their 15th year.
My experience with the course can be summed up in this simple phrase, ” education diplomacy gave me speed” on the job and in my work as a grass root advocate of the girl child. I was empowered with so much knowledge about diplomacy skills that hitherto did not realise the need as a classroom teacher and an upcoming leader. The course made me an education Diplomat and with the little application of the ED skills which included negotiation, mediation, collaboration , advocacy and interacting with several individuals, communities and organisation for the benefit of the child and the community; education concerns in my areas of influence began to take shape and gradually it seems the light just began to shine upon my pathways because, doors began to open by themselves for greater collaboration.
The entire world became my teacher for I had people of divers culture and backgrounds in my class and with their experiences i became wiser. I want to congratulate you for this fifteen years of hard work and engaging peoples mind via technology. Thank you and do have a beautiful celebrations.