I have had the privilege to collaborate with Diplo in various capacities for the last 12 years. I will be forever grateful to the opportunity I had as a student, tutor and research coordinator of IG projects. These roles shaped my career in the Internet policy world and helped be where I am today. Everything I know about IG and diplomacy is thanks to Diplo, and I know few participants in my groups ( Middle East North Africa, Africa English& French Speaking groups), who made it to key leadership positions in major organisation/ corporations or governments. What’s special about Diplo is that it really cares about its mission, believes in capacities from small states and the unprivileged, and very innovative in its approach, which result in producing high quality content, and high caliber professionals able to shape the future. All the credit goes to Jovan for the stellar vision and his hard working/super friendly team for leading Diplo to its 15th Birthday! It is a massive achievement so congratulations all.

Hanane Boujemi