Both as one of the thousands of grateful DiploFoundation´s alumni and as the current Director of the Argentine National Foreign Service Institute, I cannot but entirely subscribe Dr. Kurbalija´s message on Diplo´s valuable and successful mission as regards training diplomats and practitioners. No doubt the creativity and compromise of all the team has been and continues to be the fundamental explanation behind Diplo´s permanent and most intelligent “looking ahead” approach.

Many years have passed since my attending in Malta a workshop on Language and Diplomacy and having the privilege of learning from dearest and most recognized Biljana Scott. No matter the years passed, it seems it was just yesterday: the most eloquent proof of how well my first experience with DiploFoundation made me feel and encouraged me to continue attending online courses and participating in the most interesting webinars Diplo´s team generously offers.

While joining Diplo´s celebrations, I also wish to publicly state how proud I am of having recently subscribed with Jovan Kurbalija a Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation between DiploFoundation and the Argentine National Foreign Institute, a Memorandum that is already being implemented.

To DiploFoundation´s team: looking forward to many more years of fruitful cooperation and learning together in such a complex and unpredictable international context, thank you very much and happy birthday!

I enclose a photograph with the National Foreign Service Institute´s team: we all celebrate you!